We are Jacqueline Page and Ros Coward, former colleagues. Having taken voluntary ‘severance’ from our workplace at the same time, we’ve become the ‘exiteers’ and we’ve embarked on a plan. We’re going to walk the water’s edges of Britain – and further afield too.

Lisbon waterfront. In the company of an Antony Gormley.

Bang on trend we’re going to clock up the requisite number of steps to stay fit (aiming at over 10,000 each walk) En route we’re going to find great places to eat great food which is why of course, we need all those steps.

Many of our days out will take us beside water, walking along rivers, canals, reservoirs and the sea front. We are both drawn to water. Jacqueline’s excuse is she’s the daughter of 1948 British Olympic rower so skulled before she could walk. Ros’ watery  ways are less impressive: she has a small rowing boat which sits neglected on Whitstable beach.

We’re also both foodies and its often on walks alongside the water edges on footpaths, canal sides, river banks, and sea fronts that some great cafes, restaurants and pubs can be found. Our walks will take us along attractive coasts to Michelin starred gastropubs but just as much along urban backwaters –some rescued from their most seedy and desperate time but some with a way to go

We know we are part of a trend because on our walks we often see people like ourselves, books in hand, following maps and exploring places they’ve always intended to visit and now have time to do so.Many are involved in themed walks : the north downs way; the M25 perimeter: the path of the Thames. They are educated, interested, gourmets and fans of fitness,  just like the two fit ladies in fact!

We hope that our blog will give  inspiration about places to go and recommendations about where to eat- and where not to eat. We’ll tell you about the interesting things to be seen and how to get the best out of these walks. We’ll also tell you what we talked about. These walks are where friendship has built and where we try to solve the big issues of the day –  from the state of the housing market to the death of our cats.

Please feel free to contact us with your comments or questions. We’ll try our best to answer.